Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Wall Pour

The site was hopping today.

You may have seen all the forms being raised and put into place by the two cranes on the site over the past two weeks. Each of the huge (~3 story high) form pieces has areas with a smooth coated finish (white in the pictures) generally for wherever the concrete is to be visible, so as to ensure a beautiful "architectural" grade concrete finish. Each one was fitted with connectors, mounting plates, and wood strips per plan. If there are wood strips - the concrete is definitely visible. Each form, in connected sequence, was hoisted into place by the cranes, positioned, and secured by workers on JLG lifters working simultaneously inside and outside the auditorium "box". Then steel braces were added to support the forms. All while being careful not to mar the smooth finish or the wood strips that will create the grooves.. All while the crane operators were "blind' to what they were doing inside the box. I know that was difficult, but the crew made it look easy. Well, as easy as a professional ballet. Of course, lots of rebar has been added in, thus far for the first floor of the walls. Lots more to come.

Concrete was poured today at the West Linden end of the site. The crew will pour concrete in batches -- working to the first floor level and then continuing up the walls. Forms, rebar, forms, concrete, repeat. We won't really be able to see the result until the entire box has been poured. You can see the worker who controls the concrete pump crane - he has a waist pack with joystick controls (rate, direction etc.).

It's quite tricky (aka dangerous) inside the site these days, so check out what you can from the fence. The crew is working 6 days a week on a tight schedule. Henrik Kam, our architectural photographer, was on site today too -- so there will be far better photos of today coming along later! He posts them at He already has posted some wonderful pictures of the forms being hoisted into place (in the Construction gallery).

See more photos here.

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