Friday, January 27, 2012

This week at the SFJAZZ Center site

Lots going on inside the big brown box on Franklin and Fell. We had two concrete pours this week -- Wednesday was the northwest Linden corner wall poured up to the second floor. Thursday focused on the first floor walls around the Franklin and Fell corner.

We're paying a lot of attention to making sure the concrete finish comes out as well as we all hope...  the way Mark (Cavagnero) our architect envisioned. It's delicate work. Jeff, our site superintendent, and the Hathaway Dinwiddie team are working very hard to get this right. It's fun for me to watch -- but it's got to be quite intense for them. Thankfully they are incredibly skilled and professional, and great to work with too.

Got to see the action at the site from up in one of the condos at LindenHayes -- what a view! (thank you!)  I probably could have stayed there for hours with my nose pressed to the glass... 

There are miles of rebar within the walls. Huge amounts. With all the rebar and the forms which have blockouts for doors and openings in the wall -- I can start to see how the spaces will connect and come together. 

Balcony stairs! (well, at least their wall connection point)

West wall

Rebar intersecting rebar... This is the inside of the wall --- viewpoint towards Franklin street. There's a horizontal diagonal beam that penetrates the wall around the auditorium -- you can see the soon-to-be beam's rebar coming out of the soon-to-be wall.

End of the day on Thursday... The crane from the concrete pump truck pulled up and away from the Franklin and Fell corner. 

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