Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SFJAZZ Center: From the Ground Up

From the time we broke ground in May of last year, photographer Henrik Kam as been documenting the conception and construction of the SFJAZZ Center. In a new bi-monthly blog segment entitled SFJAZZ Center: From the Ground Up, Henrik will share some of the insights and fascinating images he continues to capture.

Henrik Kam: This view down from the cat walk clearly shows the intricate construction of the sloping, stepped seating area facing the stage. They are poured in place and have integrated fresh-air vents under the seats which are clearly visible in the next image.

HK: Looking straight into the hall from the seating area behind and above the stage. The round holes are the fresh air ducts. The ceiling area is expansive and clear of any obstructions.

HK: In image #3 we are looking at the bottom of the form for the the seating at stage left. The orange circles indicate where to cut holes for the fresh-air ducts. On top of this goes an intricately woven layer of rebar through which the sheet metal ducts are placed.

HK: More or less same vantage point as image #3 except a week later (July 2nd) and a week out from pouring concrete. The pit in the middle of the stage is for the piano lift! There will not be a single bad seat in this venue.

HK: And finally in this image you can get an idea of how beautiful the concrete work looks below the seating. The air ducts are everywhere!

To see more SFJAZZ Center photos taken by Henrik Kam, CLICK HERE.

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