Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The dig continues...

More digging going on...
Hathaway Dinwiddie has poured the vault for the pumps and you can see the concrete walls now that the forms have been removed. There's a picture showing the outline of the very first door at the SFJAZZ Center -- its the door-looking opening between the two pump rooms in the vault.

Lots of rebar... all different sizes. The rebar is joined by couplers in many places (as opposed to just having overlap between lengths) because the quantity of steel within the foundation footings and the tight distances makes an overlap approach suboptimal.

They are digging out a large square area for the mat slab (on the north-center-west side) and then other excavated areas for the grade beams. All part of the foundation of the building. It's a very cool feeling to stand deep in the dug out areas, about 10 feet down, and look up at the site, the street, the surrounding buildings -- it's a perspective we'll never have again.

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