Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Jazz Musicians Who've Served In The U.S. Military

In honor of Veterans Day, we take a look back, and salute many of the jazz legends who've served in the U.S. Military - many lending their musical talents to boost troop moral.

Allen Toussaint (U.S. Army)

Artie Shaw (U.S. Navy)

Clark Terry (U.S. Navy)

John Coltrane (Seaman First Class, U.S. Navy)

 Glenn Miller (Major, U.S. Air Force)

Vince Guaraldi (U.S. Army)

Hampton Hawes (U.S. Army)

 Jo Jones (U.S. Army)

Lester Young (U.S. Army)

Tony Bennett (U.S. Army)

Wayne Shorter (U.S. Army)

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