Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Five Guitar Greats Talk About Django Reinhardt

The impact of gypsy jazz pioneer Django Reinhardt reaches beyond the jazz world, influencing legions of guitarists from all areas of music. Here are five legendary guitar players and their thoughts on Django. 

“By far the most astonishing guitar player ever” — Jeff Beck

“...nobody has really come to the state that he was playing at. As good as players are, they haven’t gotten to where he is. There’s a lot of guys that play fast and a lot of guys that play clean, and the guitar has come a long way as far as speed and clarity go, but nobody plays with the whole fullness of expression that Django has.” — Jerry Garcia

“The passion that he put into each note was unbelievable. He was ferocious.” — Peter Frampton

“He was the greatest guitarist in my mind. I'd do anything to play as great as he did.” — Les Paul

“Charlie Christian had no more impact on my playing than Django Reinhardt or Lonnie Johnson. I wanted to play like all of them. All of these people were important to me. I couldn't play like any of them, though.” — B.B. King

Renowned guitarist and violinist Dorado Schmitt pays tribute to Django's legacy 11/5-11/8. Tap here for more information. 

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