Monday, March 16, 2015

SFJAZZ Collective's David Sánchez: Notes on Joe Henderson's "Y Todavía La Quiero"

David Sánchez © Jay Blakesberg

"I can describe what I felt when I first heard 'Y Todavía La Quiero' with one word - JOY. It is a true reminder of what I think is one of the main purposes of music and art — to inspire and to move us. Arranging this piece was challenging because I wanted to bring my perspective without changing the essence of the piece itself. I wanted to keep the bass line because of its groove. It feels like a mantra that provides the foundation for everything to flow. To echo that feel, I started the piece with piano alone repeating the displaced phrase heard throughout most of the arrangement. I wanted to bring a party-like vibe with the brief horn introduction, but at the same time keep a connection with Miguel's horn background on ‘Recorda-Me.’ After the intro, I simply changed some of the harmony in the melody, which, to me, has always sounded like a soul-stirring chant. I'm often completely submerged when listening to Joe, almost like being baptized in his beautiful, dark, liquefied sound. THANK YOU JOE HEN!"

David Sánchez, album notes from SFJAZZ Collective's new album The Music of Joe Henderson and New Compositions
now available!

The SFJAZZ Collective performs "Y Todavía La Quiero" live on NPR Music's Jazz Night In America on Wednesday, March 18 at 9pm ET. Stream at!

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