Friday, September 19, 2014

SFJAZZ Collective 2014-15 Repertoire

Check out the SFJAZZ Collective's 2014-15 Joe Henderson repertoire, which will be recorded live at the SFJAZZ Center 10/23-26 and released before their Spring 2015 Tour.

"Jinrikisha" (Page One) arr. Warren Wolf

"Fire" (The Elements) arr. Obed Calvaire

"Recorda-me" (Page One) arr. Miguel Zenón

"Afro-Centric" (Power to the People) arr. Matt Penman

"Black Narcissus" (Power to the People, Black Narcissus) arr. Robin Eubanks

"Y todavia la quiero" (Relaxin' at Camarillo) arr. David Sánchez

"Shade of Jade" (In Pursuit of Blackness) arr. Ed Simon

"Inner Urge" (Inner Urge) arr. Avishai Cohen

As always, each Collective member has also composed an original composition (repertoire to be posted soon), commissioned by SFJAZZ, also to be performed and recorded live at the SFJAZZ Center during their upcoming 4-night run (10/23-26)!

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