Wednesday, April 9, 2014

High School All-Star Alumni at the New School: Interview with Jill Ryan

This week in our spotlight on All-Star Alumni at the New School: Jillian Ryan. Jill played first alto when she was a High School All-Star, as well as lending her flute stylings to the ensemble. She attended Marin School of the Arts, and is now a junior at the New School. 

Where did you travel with the All-Stars? What was it like to play for new audiences?

 We went to the Monterey Next Generation Festival; it was always cool to play for people that hadn't heard us before. Sharing new stuff with new people is exciting and is a big part of why musicians do what we do.

 Do you still play music with any of the HSAS musicians?

 Yes! I play with Natalie Cressman in a band called S P A R K L E R with Peter Apfelbaum, which is a ton of fun! We've got a single release coming out soon -- I'm pumped! And I go to The New School with a bunch of people that were in SFJAZZ as well.

 Who is your biggest musical influence? Do you have a favorite recording by her/him?

That is an extremely hard question to answer because I am influenced by so many people and musicians. But if I had to narrow it down, I would say Stevie Wonder. I say this because I grew up listening to him. My mom and I have always loved his music. One time we actually got pulled over because we were blasting Stevie in the car and speeding because we were belting “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.” My favorite song of his, though, is "Visions" off of Innervisions. I love the lyrics and the melody. I'm always becoming influenced by new artists I hear from all genres. I love music!

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