Monday, September 16, 2013

SFJAZZ Education kicks off Season 2 with our first Family Workshop!

Saturday, September 14, was Family Day at SFJAZZ!

We hosted our first Family Workshop and Family Matinee of the new season. Kids and parents participated in an Orff jazz lesson, led by Doug Goodkin, Joshi, and Sam. The workshop consisted of singing, dancing, and ended with students learning to play "Step back baby, Step back" on Orff instruments.  Following the workshop, families were able to enjoy the dreamy music of Bill Frisell's Beautiful Dreamers, accompanied by Jim Woodring's captivating cartoon graphics. It was truly an engaging, entertaining, interactive day of music.

Join us next month for The Magic of Monk presented by our own SFJAZZ Collective!

See the list of Family Matinees and workshops for the season, happening every second Saturday.

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