Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mesmerizing Artistry: Vicente Amigo's Touch

Quite a Spring Season we have going here at SFJAZZ, and to attempt to single out any particular show goes against my very nature as a voracious music lover. But here goes...

Vicente Amigo
Flamenco dynasties are few and far between, and as destiny would have it, this Sunday's artist Vicente Amigo is the product of exquisite talent and imagination coupled with the good fortune of being anointed by the guitar God himself, Paco de Lucia. As an art form, flamenco has evolved over thousands of years - from its roots in Byzantine chant and Romany gypsy music, to its recent incarnation as Nuevo Flamenco, and Amigo is poised to usher in what many regard as a truly new (and visibly eclectic) era.
Prepare to be mesmerized and blown away by Amigo's soulful approach and his fierce technique as he brings his distinct blend of Flamenco, jazz and world music textures to the Herbst Theatre this Sunday at 7pm. Click here and visit for details. I will definitely see you there!
-- Rebeca 

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