Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why I Love Uri Caine!

My first exposure to Uri was in around 1996, with his album Toys.  Later, it was seeing him in New York as a sideman with Dave Douglas, along with James Genus and Clarence Penn.  I realized quickly this is a major league keyboardist, who follows in the footsteps of giants like Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea. But, he has truly found his unique voice, whether on acoustic or electric piano. I find his three Bedrock recordings, made along with Tim Lefevbre and Zach Danziger, to be some of the most burning and creative trio sessions of all time -- and that is saying something!  He's been a leader on 22 albums and maybe half of them have been wild jazz interpretations of classics from Mozart, Mahler, Othello and others.  He plays all over the world and many of those gigs lean towards the classical stuff.  The new album, Siren, features his acoustic jazz trio with John Hebert and Ben Perowsky -- smokin' hot and deep in the '60s Herbie tradition, to my ears.  Strongly recommend you check out Uri's site at and attend his SFJAZZ date on March 18 at the SF Conservatory of Music.  Also check out our event page for some great audio and video clips.  This is unadulterated jazz, the absolute REAL DEAL!!  Give this guy a chance and you'll become a fan for life.

-- Mike C.

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